Unlocking the Potential of Digital Libraries: A Cloud Migration Success Story with Esan

Unlocking the Potential of Digital Libraries: A Cloud Migration Success Story with Esan

ESAN - National Electronic Library is a valuable resource system with a vast collection of full-text articles that includes journals, dissertations, newspapers, books, and scientific works. But, their previous on-premise infrastructure was unable to handle more than 500 concurrent requests, and the capacity to digitize 130 million pages was limited. ESAN serves over 15 universities and 30 institutions, catering to a student population of over 10,000 users. It was clear that the current infrastructure failed to meet the demands.

To provide a reliable and scalable service, ESAN chose to migrate their resources and services to the cloud with the help of our software development and consulting company. By doing so, ESAN was able to optimize their resources and provide enhanced services while reducing operational costs and improving overall performance. Our cloud migration solution efficiently handled the growing number of concurrent users while accommodating the extensive library resources and services.

By successfully implementing cloud technology, ESAN overcame their infrastructure limitations and enhanced their service capabilities. ESAN is now able to process over 2,000 concurrent requests, making their resources and services accessible to more users efficiently. Scaling up with the cloud migration solution also allowed ESAN to expand their digital library's capacity to digitize up to 500 million pages, well beyond their initial target. ESAN's cloud migration success story is an example of how technology can transform libraries and provide better access to knowledge resources, and we are proud to be part of their journey.

Our works

At our software development and consulting company, we specialize in AWS cloud migration and offer a range of services to configure and optimize your cloud infrastructure.

Core Services:

- EC2: We assist in setting up and managing your virtual server instances, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.
- Lambda: We leverage the power of serverless computing to help you run your code without the need for provisioning or managing servers.
- Elastic Load Balancer: We implement load balancing to distribute incoming traffic across multiple resources, improving availability and fault tolerance.
- Route 53: We provide domain name registration and management services along with intelligent traffic routing and health checks.
- Elastic Container Service: We help you orchestrate and manage your Docker containers on AWS for efficient and scalable application deployment.
 - S3: We configure and optimize Amazon Simple Storage Service for secure and scalable storage of your data and multimedia files.
- RDS: We handle the setup and management of your relational databases on Amazon RDS for seamless performance and scalability.

Sub Services:

- ElastiCache: We assist in setting up in-memory caching for faster response times and reduced database load.
- IAM: We ensure secure access control by setting up fine-grained permissions and user management through AWS Identity and Access Management.
 - SES: We enable reliable and scalable email sending and receiving capabilities through Amazon Simple Email Service.
 - SNS: We help you set up and manage pub/sub messaging for instant delivery of messages, notifications, and alerts.
- SQS: We configure and optimize message queues for decoupling components and ensuring reliable message delivery.
- Elastic Search: We implement search functionality on your data with Elasticsearch, allowing you to easily retrieve and analyze your information.
- DynamoDB: We set up and manage your fully managed NoSQL databases for fast and flexible data storage and retrieval.
- Cognito: We provide user authentication and authorization services to secure your applications and manage user identities and access.
- CloudWatch: We ensure your application's performance, availability, and operational health with comprehensive monitoring and logging.
- CloudTrail: We enable auditing and governance by logging, monitoring, and tracking API activity across your AWS infrastructure.

Additionally, we offer advanced features and services such as:

- Hasura GraphQL: We implement GraphQL, a query language for APIs, to simplify data fetching and manipulation.
- Plagiarism: We develop plagiarism detection solutions to protect your content and intellectual property from unauthorized use.
- Digital Rights Management: We help you implement DRM technologies to safeguard your digital assets and control access to copyrighted content.
- OCR: We integrate Optical Character Recognition to extract text from images and documents for efficient data processing.
- Membership Reading: We enable membership-based access to your digital resources, ensuring a tailored and personalized reading experience.
With our expertise and comprehensive suite of services, we empower you to maximize the potential of AWS cloud and unleash the full capabilities of your applications and infrastructure.

With the consent of the ESAN the architecture picture is shared.


Here are some useful links and information based on the details you provided:

- Web platform: ESAN National Electronic Library - This is the official web platform for ESAN, offering access to a vast collection of over 130 million pages of content. Users can find full-text articles, journals, dissertations, newspapers, books, and scientific works.

- AWS Cloud: ESAN has chosen AWS as their cloud provider. By migrating their resources and services to the AWS cloud, they have been able to take advantage of its scalability, reliability, and cost efficiency. The use of AWS cloud ensures that the cost involved is minimal.

- Backend Services Development: Through the implementation of AWS cloud, ESAN has successfully reduced approximately 80% of backend services development time. This means that they were able to streamline the development process and deliver services to their users more efficiently.

- Code Optimization: With the assistance of AWS cloud and its associated services, ESAN has been able to optimize their code and achieve a code reduction of 20%. This indicates that by leveraging AWS's capabilities and resources, they have enhanced the efficiency of their applications and improved overall performance.

By leveraging the power of AWS cloud, ESAN has transformed their digital library into a scalable and cost-effective platform with a vast collection of accessible content. The utilization of AWS cloud services has not only reduced development time but also improved code efficiency, enabling ESAN to provide a seamless user experience.