This Is My Architecture Session #1

This Is My Architecture Session #1


On June 8, 2019, we successfully organized our first architectural meetup “This Is My Architecture” Session #1 at HUB Innovation Center. The engineers were very grateful that Mongolian companies share their own technical solutions just like leading tech companies in the world show the architecture of their platform and coding solutions. We planned to hold this event twice a year. The first company to show its architecture in this serial session was & UBCab, both of which were successful in using AWS cloud on their platform and two of the leaders of the ecosystem.

Event concept:

1. Company Introduction
2. Speaking
3. Workshop
4. Quiz
5. Conclusion /free time to talk to each other/


The Co-Founder of the - CTO Mr. Gundsambuu. N - said that “I am really happy to share the knowledge and experience with others who intend to explore the adventure travel which we have already passed through, and it is crucial to develop ourselves together and I will surely participate in the next event.”

Result of the event

The Founder of the AWS User Group of Mongolia and the Co-Founder of FIBO CLOUD, Mr. Ganjiguur. N:
“Nowadays, it is clear to see that there are many useful technology events conducted every month, and the main reason is that we can exchange our knowledge and experience via these events to develop ourselves and the IT sector of Mongolia. Therefore, I am really happy to conduct  the event again which can be a small part of development in Mongolia and there are many plans in our mind to enhance the activity, for instance, inviting foreign experts to our event.”

Co-Founder Ganjiguur leads the event

For more information about the session, visit the following link.