We attended the “Open Infrastructure Summit - 2019”.

We attended the “Open Infrastructure Summit - 2019”.


Thousands of IT decision-makers, operators, and developers will gather at the Summit to collaborate across common use cases and solve real problems. In Shanghai, participants from over 50 countries and 600 companies used and contributed to over 35 open-source projects.

The Fibo management team participated in the Open Infrastructure Summit - 2019, formerly OpenStack Summit. Recently, organizations have begun to develop a “private cloud”  to save money. In today's IT, it is impossible to imagine infrastructure without virtualization, enabling China to massively scale its systems with billions of users. According to this fact, China is ranked No.1 in the world.


During the last development cycle of 2019 for OpenStack Train, 1,125 developers from 165 organizations contributed their patches, and 25,500 were accepted. This makes OpenStack one of the three most active open-source projects in the world. Moreover, by coming to China the OpenStack Foundation clearly declares its openness to the Asia markets and cooperation with local organizations on driving the future of the OpenStack project.