Mongolia's first-ever Cloud tech company

Mongolia's first-ever Cloud tech company


Mr. Ganjiguur. N: It is named after the Fibonacci - numerical sequence concept. It creates a digital golden ratio of everything in the universe, from the smallest to the largest. That's why we abbreviated Fibonacci to Fibo and then added Cloud and here is why we named our company ‘FIBO CLOUD’.

What's important to create the national cloud system?

CEO / Purevbazar: In Mongolia, we have been talking a lot about digital transition for the last four years. But we need basic technologies for the digital transition at first. If you try to make a digital transition without developing it, the basic technology and software you can go with will be expensive and the following services will also still be expensive. Mongolia buys more than 800 billion MNT of equipment and software a year. Therefore, we are working with ITools and the National Data Center to create software that can save this cost.

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