Fibo Cloud Company Showcases Remarkable Achievements to Mongolian President

Fibo Cloud Company Showcases Remarkable Achievements to Mongolian President

Fibo Cloud Company, a Mongolian technology company, had the opportunity to meet with the President of Mongolia and showcase their notable achievements. These accomplishments include:

Selection for Google for Startups Accelerator Program: Fibo Cloud Company was chosen to participate in the prestigious Google for Startups accelerator program from Mongolia, highlighting their potential and innovation within the tech industry.

Presentation to the President of Kazakhstan: Fibo Cloud Company, as the top contender of the program, had the honor of presenting its products in a meeting with the President of Kazakhstan, further establishing their recognition and influence.

Development of the National Cloud System: Fibo Cloud, as a Mongolian tech company, developed the National Cloud System, a cutting-edge solution that was introduced to the global IT market, showcasing their technological advancements.

Expansion of Cloud Services in Kazakhstan: Fibo Cloud Company achieved a significant milestone by providing cloud services in 10 data centers across 9 cities in Kazakhstan. These data centers adhere to Tier III standards and partner with Transtelecom, a major telecommunication operator in Kazakhstan. This collaboration enables Fibo Cloud Company to deliver reliable and high-quality cloud services to businesses and individuals nationwide.

First Agreement for Supplying Products to Central Asia: Fibo Cloud Company signed its first agreement to supply its products to Central Asia, marking a significant step forward in expanding its market presence.

The President of Mongolia acknowledged Fibo Cloud Company as a role model for start-ups entering the field and extended his congratulations. He also expressed unwavering support for IT companies, emphasizing his commitment to creating an enabling environment for their growth and success. This endorsement from the President reflects the impactful contributions of Fibo Cloud Company and the government's dedication to fostering and promoting the IT sector.